Case Results

CHILD SUPPORT:   A young mother contacted our office as the father of her two children had decided he did not want to pay her child support.  He had moved from the location the mother had known, and she was unable to find his new residence.  We located him and found he was working doing large commercial landscaping jobs with a friend. He was also living with a new girlfriend who had three children. We obtained video of him taking these children to a McDonalds and paying for their food. After locating him, the Court ordered him to pay the past support and increased his obligations to our client as he was making more income than when they were together.


INSURANCE FRAUD:  An elderly male claimed he had slipped and fallen at work injuring his back.  He was seeking permanent/total disability benefits. We conducted video surveillance on him and found that he was not using a cane, walked very fast in his Nike shoes, and was videotaped jogging to a departing bus. When he got off of the bus he walked easily 4 blocks to a multi-unit apartment building his son had purchased and was renovating. We obtained videotape of our subject throughout the day showing his travel to the location and of him carrying building supplies in and out of the building while wearing a tool belt around his waist. He was later referred for legal fraud prosecution.


TEEN INVESTIGATIONS:  Two parents contacted us as their model high school aged son had changed dramatically. He had been an A student and was no longer getting good grades. He had also become evasive when answering questions about his activities with his girlfriend and their friends. Our investigation found that he had become close with his girlfriend’s brother, who was in his late 20’s, and was dealing drugs. He was the delivery person for his girlfriend’s brother’s drug business. He was also now using narcotics himself. After we discovered this, his parents got him the help he needed, and he recently graduated from a local college majoring in business.


A young school aged female had been using her computer in her room to get on social networks. Her parents occasionally checked on her but not often enough. They were unaware that she was making arrangements to meet males she thought was her age. We had just provided her parents with a software tool that she could not detect when she was on her computer that would show them everything she was doing including each keystroke. They were fortunate enough to see this in time to prevent their daughter from meeting someone who might  bring her harm.


CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION:  Our client was accused of raping his wife’s sister who was underage. He was being accused by a jealous mother-in-law who did not like his level of success and his fine community standing. She convinced her underage daughter to tell the police she was raped by our client. His attorney hired us and we conducted a background investigation on our client’s mother-in-law. We found that she had filed two rape complaints in Puerto Rico on behalf of this same underage daughter against other men she did not like. All were dismissed for lack of any viable evidence. She enjoyed trying to ruin the reputation of men she did not like. Our findings and the DNA evidence combined solved this case. His case was then dismissed by the court.


MATRIMONIAL:  Our client had noticed his wife’s behavior had changed over the period of about a month. She was distant, argumentative, and had periods of not being home that she could not account for. She then became a model wife after our client accused her of cheating. However, there were some strange changes. She began to have a regular “girls night out” with one of her girlfriends and would usually stay at that friend’s house until the morning. The girlfriend would come and pick her up for their big night out and our client would see this happen. He would see the girlfriend drop her off in the morning. We followed them one of those nights and found that the girlfriend was transporting her to a bar where she would meet another man. She and the man would leave together and the girlfriend would drive off. We obtained covert video of the couple inside the bar and determined who he was and his marital status for our client. Our client did not confront her immediately but spent some time conferring with his attorney. They have since divorced, he has re-married, and still lives in the same house.


MISSING PERSONS: A female client had lost touch with her best friend of 35 years. Our client no longer lived where they had been childhood friends and had not kept up correspondence. She had found that she had a terminal illness and really wanted to see her old friend to give her some personal items that she wanted her to have before she passed away. She felt that it was a part of her closure. Our client had heard that her friend had lost her husband, had re-married, and had moved away from the region where they grew up. She contacted us to try to locate her. We found her and they had a very emotional reunion prior to our client’s death.