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Missing Persons

This is the professional term used for finding or locating people.

Missing Person? Lost relative? We have had good success in finding hard to locate people.

We have succeeded where others have not had success. Missing person cases can be time consuming and frustrating but we have the resources to bring most to a successful conclusion.


Have you tried free internet sources or perhaps a source that wanted your credit card? They can not access the data that I can, Moreover: Not all people can be found, but we can find the rest.


Your requests to free internet sources involve no human interaction, as you pay a machine to look at very stale data.


To do this right you need the human intelligence factor. Simplified, this means we conduct research on your request to achieve your client’s goals.  With Lyons Investigations there is a real person behind the keyboard using analytical investigative skills to piece together your request. Some problems require custom made inquiries and are tailored with the end result in mind. 


If you need to locate someone, we should be your first stop.


Missing persons, missing relatives, locate people, find a lost love.



Domestic Investigations


Not every case requires an investigation. I always suggest counseling and/or legal advice prior to using the services of an investigator. When you do need an investigator, we are here for you.


These are sensitive and very important matters:  infidelity, missing money, child welfare. Many investigators do not investigate these matters at all. We do. Ladies, as a female I can understand your position and help you through these troubling times and answer the questions you need answered. Gentlemen, I can help you as well.  Just a phone call away!


Our firm is often called upon by Law Firms to provide the facts in Domestic matters. We are the experts in this field.


The family unit is like a mobile hanging above a baby’s crib, or a set of wind chimes on the porch. When one of the attached objects (family members) is out of sync, or moving unexpectedly, it causes all the others to move and be a destabilizing influence.

When you do need the additional help and support we can provide it. 

Locating Assets NATIONWIDE


We can locate assets to satisfy Judgments and for pre litigation research.

Massachusetts Private Investigators and Private Detectives locating assets for you, nationwide.

Is he/she judgment proof? We answer the question.


Beware  of the cheap internet “Asset Search”. You get what you pay for. What does this mean?


Data requests submitted for an on line “instant” asset check involve no human interaction. Here, at Lyons Investigations , there is a real person using  training, experience analytical investigative skills to achieve your objectives and locate assets and financial relationships.   This is the most important thing to consider.

Your report is a result of our nationwide research into public and other available records by licensed private investigators to determine if those records contain asset related information. We have the unique ability to double and triple check sources for the best possible accuracy.


You will have:


1. an overview of a subject’s probable financial picture

2. located tangible assets

3. determined if he/she is judgment proof

4. uncovered financial relationships*


*Subpoena the most recent file data from each financial entity. This will reveal valuable information needed to collect debts or locate further financial relationships and assets such as bank accounts.

The report will also provide the framework you need for additional inquiries (depositions and subpoenas)  into other common areas where people may hide assets.

Massachusetts Private Investigators/Private Detectives Working for you. Locating assets for you.


Pre-employment/Non-Compete Agreements


We are skilled at taking an employment application to a new level. We can confirm the accuracy of an application for you. It may require computer data searches or even interviews with those that can verify.

If you suspect a past employee is working for a competitor, despite having signed a non-compete with your business, call us. We conduct surveillance’s and will obtain video of the previous employee entering your competitors business daily, driving a company vehicle or a myriad of ways to prove your case. We will give you the evidence you need.